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BrowserHawk Testimonials
I had always wished for a quick and easy server-side solution to handle simple browser and plug-in checking, but had never even fathomed having access to the amount of information that is made available using BrowserHawk from cyScape. If you think this is just another browser detection script, you could not be more wrong.
- Nic Tunney, Reviewer for CFJD
BrowserHawk makes it very easy for us to ensure our site's minimum system requirements are met, without burdening or frustrating our users. Despite the significant growth of our user base over the years, BrowserHawk has helped us keep our support costs relatively constant.
- Corey Ramsden, SMARTHINKING
I have to tell you, at first I really did not want to buy this product. I debated it for a week, and tried everything I could think of to do this on my own. I was having a problem with users disabling their cookies. This caused a disturbing number of server errors and data errors. Anyway, after installing BrowserHawk, our server error ratio went from 12% to .01% in one day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! P.S. Your help files are actually helpful and your installer and setup procedures are fantastic. The people who created the set up program and the help files and samples should be commended.
- Robert Watts
I've been using BrowserHawk since version 1.0 and I swear by it! It's now a requirement for all development and production servers we bring on-line. I can't even begin to tell you the amount of coding time it saves us. Thanks for a truly excellent product.
- Todd Dahl
Hi all. Just wanted to let you know that BrowserHawk has been a real timesaver and works GREAT! My boss is very pleased too. We no longer have to worry about being embarrassed in front of a client due to browser issues. Keep up the excellent work.
- Robert Dean
You guys are real pros. I love your set-up as it shows you put real thought in servicing your customers. I rate it as one of the best I have seen. Well done!
- David Barrett
cyScape has some of the fastest email support I have ever experienced. I assume that this is because your product is so solid and easy to use that the support staff has a lot free time!
- Chris Williams
I would like to say thank you for being so responsive. That was the fastest tech support I have ever received by email.
- Gabe Hicks
Thanks for your *extremely* quick response. I never expected to hear back in under 5 minutes! Great support!!!
- Dave May
Thanks for the help. I've never had better support.
- James Kinter
Thank you very much for the quick answer to my question. Wow - you even beat the auto-responder!
- Dan Fields
Thanks for all your help; cyScape, by far, has the best customer support of any company with which I've worked.
- Kevin Richardson - Carnegie Learning
I strongly recommend you download BrowserHawk and give it a test drive. I found the product to be very mature, well-documented, easy to use, and full-featured.
- Steve Smith, Founder ASPAlliance
With BrowserHawk, we’ve improved customer service in terms of faster solution turnaround for our students, and improved help desk efficiency. BrowserHawk detects everything needed to ensure the best web experience, and updates itself automatically. This allows our IT team to focus more on strategic initiatives, such as growing our customer base and expanding our offerings – rather than on browser detection.
- Nate Holder, SkillSoft (NASD: SKIL)
Our company has thousands of web servers. I have already recommended BH to other departments, and will continue to do so. I really love this software, I wish we had installed it earlier.
- Eric Smith
Let me say that BrowserHawk is without a doubt the best investment I have ever made on a component. It's ease of use along with the amazing amount properties available to a website programmer make this object a dream! It's actually fun to program websites again.
- Alan L. Warchuck
I appreciate your detailed response. It encourages me that your business takes the time to actually CORRESPOND with your customers and potential customers, instead of just REPLYING. I sent a query to another maker of ASP components, whose reply to my questions was a single, short, 'nope'.
- Forrest C. Shields II
Thanks for the speedy and profound answer! To me BrowserHawk seems like a definite 'must-have' as we have a browser detection on virtually every job we are doing, which always needs changing to fit the site-specific needs. I am extremely impressed with the speed of your response, and the quality of the advice given.
- Pete Crook
BrowserHawk kicks [expletive deleted] and will meet or exceed all of our needs. My overall experience with cyScape is one of the best I have had among hundreds of interactions. The pre-sales support you provided was better than paid "Premium Support" from other vendors. Keep up the good work!
- R Keith Beal
Thank you for your support. It's definitely one of the best I ever experienced!
- Franz Weninger
Thanks for your quick response to the inquiries of a person who has not yet purchased. I will thank you by purchasing your product.
- Steve Clarke
Thanks very much for the quick response and kudos on the documentation which is way above average.
- Todd Thibodeaux
Thank you very much for the very thoughtful and detailed response! I especially like the fact that you thought about my problem from a high-level perspective, and not just from a technical perspective.
- Todd Northrop
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