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BrowserHawk Features and Benefits
Introducing BrowserHawk's patented Page Load Time (PLT) technology. For a totally new kind of web performance tracking that rivals traditional monitoring tools and services.  

What is PLT?

Our patented technology in BrowserHawk enables you to track page load times for every visitor to your site in real-time. Unlike traditional monitoring tools, the page load times reported are the actual load times as experienced by your visitors.

How does PLT rival traditional tools?

Unlike the traditional monitoring tools that use synthetic transactions, BrowserHawk measures the actual load times that each of your site visitors experience. Our PLT technology provides 100% complete, end-to-end visibility into the responsiveness of your site and its performance in the "real world".

Consider the following comparison:

Description Traditional load time monitors BrowserHawk PLT
Measurements taken from: "bots" simulating user activity Your actual users
What is measured: Synthetic requests Real page requests
Type of results: Estimated Actual
Transparent to end users: YES YES
Control browser actions and behaviors based on results: NO YES
Latency measured separately (or at all): NO YES
100% end-to-end coverage: NO YES
Separate measurements and results for broadband vs. dial-up users: NO YES
Visibility of cached pages: NO YES
Correlate results by connection type, browser type, country of origin and more: NO YES
Troubleshoot results for a specific user and/or session: NO YES

What information is tracked?

Information is tracked on how long your users wait for each page to start loading ("latency"), how long it takes for each page to load ("intra-page load time"), the total amount of time it takes for each page to load, the path and name of each requested page, and the type of page request ("HitType"), such as if the page was viewed from the browser's cache. Details on each user's browser, system, and connection are also available.

Learn more about PLT:

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