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BrowserHawk 16 is here! This major upgrade adds support for the Microsoft Edge browser, which ushers in the biggest change to the browser landscape in over a decade. BH 16 also includes security and other important updates, fixes and improvements.

New in BrowserHawk 16.0

  • Added detection of Microsoft Edge browser. The Browser property will return "Edge" with extended properties detected. Previous versions of BrowserHawk will detect Edge as Chrome in some cases and Unknown in others, error in detecting extended properties, and return inaccurate detection of basic properties. Therefore using BrowserHawk 16 is critical to ensure proper operations with Edge and the latest browsers and operating systems.
  • Added detection of Windows 10: OSName will return "Windows", OSVersion will return 10.0, and OSDetails will return "Windows 10".
  • Added detection of OS X El Captain: OSName will return "OS X", OSVersion will return 10.11, and OSDetails will return "OS X El Captain".
  • Improved Flash detection: Added support for Flash 18 and automatic detection of future Flash versions. Also added detection of Flash version embedded into Edge.
  • Cookies over HTTPS are now marked as secure cookies.
  • Updates to applet used for Java detection.
  • Fixed an issue where testing blocked popups on Chrome could hang in some circumstances.
  • Other miscellaneous updates and fixes.
  • Updated samples and documentation.

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